​Activating Multiple Intelligences Through Chess


We at PSL Chess are successfully sharing our enthusiasm for the art, the challenge, and the benefit of chess with students of all ages. PSL Chess students become willing problem solvers and spend quality time immersed in logical thinking, and the rewards just begin there. Chess is fun and enthusiasm is contagious!

Some of Our Proud PSL Program Schools

Building Strengths Across the Board

There is more to chess education than memorizing openings and gambits, or even teaching how to checkmate. PSL Chess aims to promote a lifetime love of learning; teaching with enthusiasm and consideration. Chess engages students’ emotions as they endeavor to solve problems, and emotion energizes intellect. The instructors at PSL Chess utilize positive coaching experience as the backbone of the program. We would love to have a lasting impact on your child’s critical and creative thinking skills.

Developmental Assets Scholars Can Expect From PSL Chess Programs

Personal Responsibility

Conflict Resolution

Self Confidence

Achievement Motivation

School Engagement

Positive Peer Influence

PSL Chess is proud of the diversity in it’s classrooms. Chess is a universal game where age, gender, ethnicity and learning or language differences present no barrier to success.

​Chess has valuable immediacy to it. Every decision and every move has a  tangible consequence.




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