PSL Chess offers a wide variety of programs to fit the needs of students at every level of play. Many elementary schools in Plano and surrounding areas are now offering our PSL program as an after school club. These students are developing as chess players, scholars and competitors, with the opportunity to represent their school on a chess team and individually at our monthly USCF Nationally Rated tournaments. Students of our program can also take advantage of private coaching and lessons as they advance their level of play and study. Our program is available to students of chess at every age, (adults too!) in all areas of the community. We are excited to be a part of a new Golden Age of Chess in America!​

Playing chess has been recognized to activate multiple intelligences in children.  Students of all ages will benefit from improvement to their cognitive abilities and concentration. Stronger problem solving strategies developed through chess have positive application in all areas of life, promoting a keen sense of self worth, hard work and commitment. We strive for a positive environment where children feel bolstered to learn, experience measurable growth and have fun! 


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