​A Few Encouraging Words From The Most Important People - Our Chess Students and Families

From day one, Mr. Austin has been dedicated to furthering my son's development as a chess player. Weekly lessons have helped him recognize the numerous patterns that frequently occur in chess; and the homework puzzles have helped him learn these patterns. And as a result, he has improved performances in tournaments, increased his chess rating, and gained confidence. He is really looking forward to chess camp next month. My only complaint is that I'm running out of space for all of his trophies!
- Angela C., Dallas
All three of my kids came home so happy and said they had fun. This is their 2nd PSL chess camp experience and they have attended weekly lessons for the past 3 years. I asked them if they learned anything new and they all responded with an enthusiastic 'yes' and told me all the details. I love that this program continues to challenge them and they are excited about learning new strategies. You guys make this so fun and this is their all time favorite camp!
- Rachel W., Plano
​​​Mrs. Austin, (aka my Mom) loves those problem solving games using spaghetti, marshmallows, spoons, string and tape. What will she make us build at camp next?!
- Samantha A. Plano
“Camryn, I want to play to see why you’re losing chess games against these boys”. That’s what my chess teacher, Mr. Ken, said to me when he thought my chess playing was getting worse. The Chess game he played with me really helped me. He gave me lots and lots of tips about moving pieces in front of pieces and developing pieces that improved my Chess playing. The tips really helped me. Mr. Ken also helped me by telling me the smart and not so smart moves. When the game was over, he explained to me why I lost, which was improving my Chess playing. After we played that game, I won a lot more games. When the day was over, I felt like I knew everything about Chess. Without Mr. Ken’s help, I would have lost every Chess game I’ve ever played. I will never forget the Chess game he played with me. My only complaint is that I'm running out of space for all of his trophies!
Camryn M.
(Plano, Texas)
I like Mr. Austin being my chess coach because he is very encouraging and he teaches me a lot of new moves that I can use in my games to help me win some trophies! He has been an awesome coach and I would really love to have him for a long time.
- Andrew C., Dallas © 2020. All rights reserved - powered by chesshost